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700 Chalfonte Pl., Cincinnati, OH 45229

Auction closed for price: $275,200.00
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Reserve price met.
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Posted On :
6th of June 2022 at 1:17 PM ET
Ending On :
29th of June 2022 at 2:18 PM ET
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Property Specifications
Year Built 1928
Annual Taxes OF RECORD
Lot Size .995
Parcel ID 112-004-0018-00
Defendant RMF Holdings. LLC
File No. N/A
Case No. A2001581
Appraisal Amount N/A
City Cincinnati
Square Feet (per auditor) 17,820
Number of Units See Description
Showings & Availability Yes

Foreclosure Auction Sale by Court-Appointed Receiver. Online bidding only. Auction ends Wednesday, June 29th, 2022.

Prodigy Properties is pleased to present 700 Chalfonte Place, an approximately 27-unit multifamily asset located in the North Avondale submarket of Cincinnati, OH.  According to public record, the property was originally built in 1928 and features a 17,820 SF apartment building in shell condition ready for a new owner to redevelop.  To the best of the Receiver’s knowledge, the current unit mix consists of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units.  Situated on nearly 1-acre with surface parking.  In addition, the asset is located with nearby access to I-71 and only a 3-minute drive to Xavier University, 5 minutes to Children’s Hospital, and under 10 minutes to downtown Cincinnati.

Prospective Bidders may tour the Property after meeting the following requirements:

1)    Complete and submit the Prospective Bidder Registration Form – Prospective Bidder Registration Form

2)    Submit acceptable proof of cash on deposit of at least $125,000

3)    Submit the executed Confidentiality Agreement – Confidentiality Agreement

4)     Submit the executed Hold Harmless Agreement – Hold Harmless

Send these documents to [email protected].  After receipt and approval, the Receiver’s office will coordinate access.

In order to be granted bidding privileges, Prospective Bidders must, in addition to above:

1)    Submit an executed copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement – Agreement for Purchase and Sale and Escrow Instructions

2)    Submit an executed copy of the Settlement Agreement – Nuisance Agreement

These documents must be submitted to [email protected] NO LATER THAN JUNE 28, 2022 in order to be granted bidding privileges.  Prospective Bidders will not be granted bidding privileges if documents are received after June 28, 2022.

Key sale points:

  • Property is sold 100% AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults.
  • Property is sold subject to all code violations.
  • Information contained in any advertisement is not guaranteed or warranted.
  • Property will be sold free and clear of all liens.
  • Property taxes will be prorated to the day of closing.
  • Closing must occur within ten (10) business days after title contingency is satisfied per the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Receipt of a $10,000 earnest money deposit is required immediately after auction ends.
  • A 10% buyer premium will be added to the winning bid to determine the final sale price.
  • Absolutely no financing or inspection contingencies.

DISCLAIMER AND WARNING:  Property will be sold as-is, where-is, without any warranties or representations by the Receiver. The information contained in any advertisement is for informational purposes only and the Receiver makes no representations or warranties as to their truth or accuracy.  The information was compiled from a variety of sources, including the public record.  However, the Receiver has not independently verified any of the information and potential purchasers rely on it at their own risk.  All potential purchasers are advised to perform their own due diligence.

Property will be sold free and clear of all liens, with property taxes prorated and paid off to the day of closing.  Bidding is scheduled to conclude on June 29, 2022.  A 10% Buyer’s Premium is added to the winning bid to determine the final purchase price.  The high successful bidder must wire transfer a $10,000 deposit by 1pm ET on Thursday, June 30, 2022.

Posted Bids
BidderBid AmountDate MadeWinner
na*******o$275,200.0029-Jun-2022 14:13:47Yes
ce*****y$275,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:13:46 
na*******o$273,200.0029-Jun-2022 14:12:42 
ce*****y$273,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:12:41 
na*******o$270,200.0029-Jun-2022 14:11:25 
ce*****y$270,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:11:24 
ce*****y$268,700.0029-Jun-2022 14:10:57 
na*******o$268,600.0029-Jun-2022 14:10:56 
na*******o$265,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:10:22 
ce*****y$265,000.0029-Jun-2022 14:10:21 
na*******o$260,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:09:28 
ce*****y$260,000.0029-Jun-2022 14:09:27 
na*******o$255,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:08:29 
ce*****y$255,000.0029-Jun-2022 14:08:28 
na*******o$250,200.0029-Jun-2022 14:03:06 
ce*****y$250,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:03:04 
na*******o$245,100.0029-Jun-2022 14:02:29 
ce*****y$245,000.0029-Jun-2022 14:02:28 
na*******o$240,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:59:27 
ce*****y$240,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:59:26 
na*******o$235,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:55:29 
ce*****y$235,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:55:28 
na*******o$230,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:52:36 
ce*****y$230,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:52:35 
na*******o$225,300.0029-Jun-2022 13:50:41 
na*******o$225,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:49:55 
ce*****y$225,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:49:54 
na*******o$220,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:45:44 
ce*****y$220,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:45:43 
na*******o$215,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:44:16 
ce*****y$215,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:44:14 
na*******o$210,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:42:56 
ce*****y$210,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:42:55 
na*******o$205,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:41:16 
ce*****y$205,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:41:14 
na*******o$200,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:37:56 
ce*****y$200,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:37:55 
na*******o$190,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:35:12 
ce*****y$190,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:35:10 
na*******o$185,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:30:14 
ce*****y$185,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:30:12 
na*******o$180,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:29:18 
na*******o$180,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:29:02 
ce*****y$180,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:29:00 
na*******o$175,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:28:28 
ce*****y$175,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:28:27 
na*******o$170,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:26:59 
ce*****y$170,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:26:57 
na*******o$165,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:25:11 
ce*****y$165,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:25:10 
na*******o$160,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:24:10 
ce*****y$160,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:24:09 
na*******o$155,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:21:36 
na*******o$155,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:21:19 
ce*****y$155,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:21:18 
na*******o$153,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:21:10 
Sh********1$153,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:21:09 
na*******o$152,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:20:03 
ce*****y$152,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:20:01 
na*******o$150,600.0029-Jun-2022 13:19:15 
Sh********1$150,500.0029-Jun-2022 13:19:14 
na*******o$150,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:18:08 
ce*****y$150,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:18:07 
na*******o$145,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:15:17 
ce*****y$145,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:15:16 
na*******o$142,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:12:54 
ce*****y$142,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:12:53 
na*******o$141,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:09:36 
ce*****y$141,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:09:34 
na*******o$140,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:07:31 
ce*****y$140,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:07:30 
na*******o$138,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:06:48 
ce*****y$138,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:06:47 
na*******o$137,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:06:12 
ce*****y$137,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:06:11 
na*******o$135,200.0029-Jun-2022 13:05:43 
na*******o$135,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:05:39 
ce*****y$135,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:05:38 
na*******o$133,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:05:04 
ce*****y$133,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:05:02 
na*******o$132,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:02:52 
Sh********1$132,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:02:51 
na*******o$130,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:01:34 
ce*****y$130,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:01:32 
na*******o$129,100.0029-Jun-2022 13:00:37 
ce*****y$129,000.0029-Jun-2022 13:00:36 
na*******o$128,600.0029-Jun-2022 13:00:21 
Sh********1$128,500.0029-Jun-2022 13:00:19 
na*******o$128,100.0029-Jun-2022 12:59:36 
ce*****y$128,000.0029-Jun-2022 12:59:34 
na*******o$127,100.0029-Jun-2022 12:59:03 
ce*****y$127,000.0029-Jun-2022 12:59:01 
na*******o$126,600.0029-Jun-2022 12:58:29 
Sh********1$126,500.0029-Jun-2022 12:58:28 
na*******o$126,100.0029-Jun-2022 12:57:59 
ce*****y$126,000.0029-Jun-2022 12:57:58 
ce*****y$125,800.0029-Jun-2022 12:45:35 
Sh********1$125,700.0029-Jun-2022 12:45:34 
Sh********1$125,600.0029-Jun-2022 12:44:03 
ce*****y$125,500.0029-Jun-2022 11:32:10 
na*******o$125,400.0029-Jun-2022 11:32:09 
na*******o$125,300.0029-Jun-2022 09:39:44 
ce*****y$125,200.0029-Jun-2022 09:39:43 
na*******o$125,000.0029-Jun-2022 09:32:28 
Map Location

In order to bid on this property you must pre-authorize a deposit of $ on your credit card. NO hold will be placed on your credit card and your credit card will NOT be charged, UNLESS you are the high bidder and do not pay the required deposit within 24 hours of the advertised auction end. A $200 administrative fee will be added to any deposit that is charged to a credit card.