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1654 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, Ohio 44703

Auction closed for price: $67,300.00
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Reserve :
Reserve price met.
Location :
Posted On :
31st of August 2021 at 3:06 PM ET
Ending On :
21st of September 2021 at 3:00 PM ET
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Property Specifications
Year Built 1912
Annual Taxes Of Record
Lot Size 0.34 acres (per auditor)
Parcel ID 283701
Defendant Melissa Wartman, et al.
File No. Receivership
Case No. 2020CV01429
Appraisal Amount N/A
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 2
Square Feet (per auditor) 3,190
Showings & Availability Yes

Foreclosure Sale by Court-Appointed Receiver.  Online bidding only.  Prodigy Properties is pleased to present for sale this sizeable residential home located in Canton, Ohio, Stark County.  The subject property sits on 0.34 acres and features ~3,200 SF, 2.5 stories, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full basement.  Other desirable features include a covered front porch, detached garage with ample storage, sufficient driveway space, fenced-in backyard, deck, pool area, etc.  Great location with convenient access to major roadways I-77 and State Route 62.  Surrounded by other residential properties and an abundance of amenities including schools, gas stations, bars, parks, grocery stores, convenience stores, and a wide variety of restaurants.  Walking distance to almost anything you need.  Investor special!


Property will be sold free and clear of all liens, with property taxes prorated and paid off to the day of closing.  Receiver may, in its sole discretion, accept or reject any bid or offer for any reason, at any time, without notice.  No representations, warranties, or guarantees.  Bidding is scheduled to conclude on 9/21/2021 at 2pm ET.  A 10% Buyer’s Premium is added to the high successful bid to determine the final purchase price.  The high successful bidder must wire transfer a 10% deposit of the final purchase price by 5pm ET on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.  Furthermore, a Receiver’s Purchase and Sale Agreement is required to be executed by the high successful bidder within 48 hours of auction conclusion.


Please do not trespass.  Contact [email protected] to schedule a walkthrough.  Photos are provided for guidance purposes only.  All information provided is believed to be true, but cannot be guaranteed.  It is up to the bidder to verify any / all code violations prior to bidding, to the extent any exist.


Information contained in any advertisement for this property is not guaranteed and should not be relied upon.  BY BIDDING ON THIS PROPERTY THE BIDDER REPRESENTS THEY HAVE INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED ALL INFORMATION AND HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO BID BASED UPON THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION.  High successful bidder must wire transfer a deposit of 10% of the final purchase price by 5pm ET on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.


Key sale points:

  • The opening bid is $20,000 with an unpublished reserve price.
  • Property is sold 100% AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, to the extent any exist.
  • Property is sold subject to any / all code violations, to the extent any exist.
  • Property is sold subject to court approval.
  • All bids are subject to Receiver’s confirmation.
  • Receiver reserves the right to accept or reject any bid or offer, at any time prior to or subsequent to auction end, for any reason.
  • Information contained in any advertisement is not guaranteed or warranted.
  • No contingencies will be accepted, except the Receiver’s ability to convey insurable title.
  • Property will be sold free and clear of all liens.
  • Property taxes will be prorated and paid off to the day of closing.
  • Absolutely no financing contingencies.
  • Absolutely no inspection contingencies.
  • 10% Buyer’s Premium is added to the high successful bid to determine the final purchase price.
  • 10% deposit of the final purchase price must be wired to Receiver’s title company by 5pm ET on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.
  • Receiver’s Purchase and Sale Agreement must be executed by the high successful bidder within 48 hours after the auction conclusion.
  • The terms of the sale are fully set forth in the Agreement and are not negotiable.

Posted Bids
BidderBid AmountDate MadeWinner
Bg*****s$67,300.0021-Sep-2021 14:54:07Yes
Ja*********7$67,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:54:05 
Bg*****s$66,700.0021-Sep-2021 14:53:02 
Ja*********7$66,600.0021-Sep-2021 14:53:01 
Bg*****s$66,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:50:11 
Ja*********7$66,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:48:43 
Bg*****s$66,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:48:41 
Bg*****s$65,800.0021-Sep-2021 14:46:51 
Ja*********7$65,700.0021-Sep-2021 14:46:49 
Bg*****s$65,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:42:17 
Ja*********7$65,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:41:47 
Bg*****s$65,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:41:45 
Bg*****s$64,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:39:50 
Ja*********7$64,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:39:48 
Bg*****s$63,600.0021-Sep-2021 14:37:45 
Ja*********7$63,500.0021-Sep-2021 14:37:44 
Bg*****s$63,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:33:42 
Ja*********7$63,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:32:59 
Bg*****s$63,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:32:57 
Bg*****s$62,700.0021-Sep-2021 14:32:19 
Ja*********7$62,600.0021-Sep-2021 14:32:18 
Bg*****s$62,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:27:08 
Ja*********7$62,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:27:07 
Ja*********7$61,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:26:08 
Bg*****s$61,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:26:07 
Bg*****s$60,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:23:45 
Ja*********7$60,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:23:44 
Ja*********7$59,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:23:01 
Bg*****s$59,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:22:59 
Ja*********7$58,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:22:27 
Bg*****s$58,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:22:26 
Ja*********7$57,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:22:01 
Bg*****s$57,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:21:59 
Bg*****s$56,500.0021-Sep-2021 14:18:06 
Ja*********7$56,400.0021-Sep-2021 14:18:04 
Ja*********7$56,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:17:15 
Bg*****s$56,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:17:14 
Bg*****s$55,900.0021-Sep-2021 14:12:42 
Ja*********7$55,800.0021-Sep-2021 14:12:40 
Bg*****s$55,600.0021-Sep-2021 14:10:30 
Ja*********7$55,500.0021-Sep-2021 14:10:28 
Bg*****s$55,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:08:12 
Ja*********7$55,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:07:46 
Bg*****s$55,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:07:44 
Bg*****s$54,600.0021-Sep-2021 14:06:59 
Ja*********7$54,500.0021-Sep-2021 14:06:57 
Bg*****s$54,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:05:22 
Ja*********7$54,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:04:55 
Bg*****s$54,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:04:54 
Bg*****s$53,700.0021-Sep-2021 14:04:01 
Ja*********7$53,600.0021-Sep-2021 14:03:59 
Bg*****s$53,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:03:00 
Ja*********7$53,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:02:31 
Bg*****s$53,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:02:29 
Bg*****s$52,500.0021-Sep-2021 14:02:03 
Ja*********7$52,400.0021-Sep-2021 14:02:01 
Bg*****s$52,200.0021-Sep-2021 14:00:36 
Ja*********7$52,100.0021-Sep-2021 14:00:12 
Bg*****s$52,000.0021-Sep-2021 14:00:11 
Bg*****s$51,500.0021-Sep-2021 13:59:42 
Ja*********7$51,400.0021-Sep-2021 13:59:40 
Bg*****s$51,200.0021-Sep-2021 13:58:33 
Ja*********7$51,100.0021-Sep-2021 13:58:08 
Bg*****s$51,000.0021-Sep-2021 13:58:07 
Bg*****s$50,700.0021-Sep-2021 13:57:35 
Ja*********7$50,600.0021-Sep-2021 13:57:34 
Bg*****s$50,200.0021-Sep-2021 13:55:53 
Ja*********7$50,100.0021-Sep-2021 13:55:27 
Bg*****s$50,000.0021-Sep-2021 13:55:26 
Bg*****s$49,200.0021-Sep-2021 13:54:18 
Ja*********7$49,100.0021-Sep-2021 13:53:46 
Bg*****s$49,000.0021-Sep-2021 13:53:45 
Bg*****s$48,200.0021-Sep-2021 13:52:48 
Ja*********7$48,100.0021-Sep-2021 13:52:19 
Bg*****s$48,000.0021-Sep-2021 13:52:18 
Bg*****s$47,600.0021-Sep-2021 13:50:43 
Ja*********7$47,500.0021-Sep-2021 13:50:41 
Ja*********7$47,100.0021-Sep-2021 13:50:07 
Bg*****s$47,000.0021-Sep-2021 13:50:06 
Bg*****s$46,900.0021-Sep-2021 13:49:16 
Ja*********7$46,800.0021-Sep-2021 13:49:14 
Bg*****s$46,200.0021-Sep-2021 13:47:54 
Ja*********7$46,100.0021-Sep-2021 12:39:21 
Bg*****s$46,000.0021-Sep-2021 12:39:19 
Bg*****s$45,100.0021-Sep-2021 12:21:33 
Ja*********7$45,000.0021-Sep-2021 12:21:31 
Ja*********7$44,544.0021-Sep-2021 11:30:31 
ti*****4$44,444.0021-Sep-2021 11:30:29 
ti*****4$44,100.0021-Sep-2021 10:42:18 
Ja*********7$44,000.0021-Sep-2021 10:42:17 
ti*****4$43,100.0021-Sep-2021 10:35:42 
Ja*********7$43,000.0021-Sep-2021 10:35:41 
Ja*********7$42,520.0021-Sep-2021 07:47:10 
ti*****4$42,420.0021-Sep-2021 07:47:09 
ti*****4$40,500.0021-Sep-2021 07:46:18 
Ja*********7$40,400.0021-Sep-2021 07:46:16 
ti*****4$40,200.0021-Sep-2021 01:00:48 
Ja*********7$40,100.0021-Sep-2021 01:00:46 
Ja*********7$40,099.0021-Sep-2021 00:13:41 
je***********7$39,999.0021-Sep-2021 00:13:40 
je***********7$30,800.0020-Sep-2021 13:23:52 
Ja*********7$30,700.0020-Sep-2021 13:23:51 
je***********7$30,500.0020-Sep-2021 09:39:16 
Ja*********7$30,400.0020-Sep-2021 09:39:15 
je***********7$30,200.0019-Sep-2021 20:44:18 
Ja*********7$30,100.0019-Sep-2021 20:44:17 
je***********7$29,900.0018-Sep-2021 17:19:44 
to****2$29,800.0018-Sep-2021 17:19:42 
je***********7$29,600.0018-Sep-2021 17:17:39 
Ja*********7$29,500.0018-Sep-2021 17:17:38 
je***********7$29,200.0017-Sep-2021 08:36:13 
Ja*********7$29,100.0017-Sep-2021 08:36:11 
je***********7$28,900.0017-Sep-2021 08:29:53 
Ja*********7$28,800.0017-Sep-2021 08:29:51 
je***********7$28,600.0017-Sep-2021 07:02:26 
Ja*********7$28,500.0017-Sep-2021 07:02:24 
je***********7$28,300.0017-Sep-2021 06:54:44 
Ja*********7$28,200.0017-Sep-2021 06:54:43 
je***********7$28,000.0017-Sep-2021 06:46:13 
Ja*********7$27,900.0017-Sep-2021 06:46:12 
je***********7$27,700.0017-Sep-2021 06:45:46 
Ja*********7$27,600.0017-Sep-2021 06:45:45 
je***********7$27,400.0017-Sep-2021 06:44:52 
Ja*********7$27,300.0017-Sep-2021 06:44:51 
je***********7$27,100.0017-Sep-2021 00:27:54 
to****2$27,000.0017-Sep-2021 00:27:52 
je***********7$26,100.0017-Sep-2021 00:26:51 
to****2$26,000.0017-Sep-2021 00:26:50 
je***********7$25,100.0017-Sep-2021 00:26:05 
to****2$25,000.0017-Sep-2021 00:26:03 
je***********7$24,000.0016-Sep-2021 22:11:11 
Ja*********7$23,900.0016-Sep-2021 22:11:10 
je***********7$23,700.0016-Sep-2021 22:09:53 
Ja*********7$23,600.0016-Sep-2021 22:09:51 
je***********7$23,400.0016-Sep-2021 22:07:05 
Ja*********7$23,300.0016-Sep-2021 22:07:03 
je***********7$23,100.0016-Sep-2021 22:04:47 
Ja*********7$23,000.0016-Sep-2021 22:04:45 
je***********7$22,600.0016-Sep-2021 18:29:10 
Ma***a$22,500.0016-Sep-2021 18:29:08 
je***********7$22,100.0003-Sep-2021 10:50:59 
Ja*********7$22,000.0003-Sep-2021 10:50:58 
je***********7$20,100.0002-Sep-2021 13:40:38 
sm******n$20,000.0002-Sep-2021 13:40:37 
sm******n$20,000.0002-Sep-2021 11:54:37 
Map Location

In order to bid on this property you must pre-authorize a deposit of $ on your credit card. NO hold will be placed on your credit card and your credit card will NOT be charged, UNLESS you are the high bidder and do not pay the required deposit within 24 hours of the advertised auction end. A $200 administrative fee will be added to any deposit that is charged to a credit card.