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***Plaintiff Cancelled Sale*** 5292 Little Woods Ln., Dayton, OH 45429

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Reserve price met.
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Posted On :
27th of March 2023 at 1:54 PM ET
Ending On :
21st of April 2023 at 12:00 PM ET
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Property Specifications
Year Built 1954
Annual Taxes OF RECORD
Lot Size .6524
Parcel ID O67 20807 0024
Defendant Robert Loyd, Jr.
File No. TE MON O67 20807 0024
Case No. 2017 CV 00898
Appraisal Amount N/A
City Dayton
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Square Feet (per auditor) 1,725
Showings & Availability Sorry, Property Not Available For Showings

Court Ordered Sale by Private Selling Officer. All information we have on the property is included. We have no additional information, property condition is unknown. NO SHOWINGS, NO trespassing for any reason. No contingencies permitted, Sold 100% as-is w/all faults. Auction ends April 26, 2023 & is online only, Ohio Foreclosures. Information is thought to be correct but not guaranteed. 10% Buyer Premium added to the high bid, $5,000 deposit is due within 24 hours of bidding end.

Legal Ad-Little Woods

Legal Description-Little Woods

Licensed Ohio real estate agents seeking a commission MUST meet the associated requirements by properly registering themselves as the agent through the link within each individual auction their client will be bidding on before their client places any bids whatsoever – NO EXCEPTIONS.  The rest will be up to the buyer, as they will have to successfully register themselves as an individual or company, pre-authorize their card within each individual auction they will be bidding on, and place their bid(s) on their own.

***** The agent does not place bids on behalf of the buyer *****

Information contained in ANY advertisement for this property is thought to be true, but cannot be guaranteed, warranted, or relied upon.  BY BIDDING ON THIS PROPERTY THE BIDDER REPRESENTS IT HAS INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED ALL INFORMATION AND MADE THE DECISION TO BID BASED UPON THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION.  The highest acceptable bidder must wire transfer the required deposit within 24 hours of auction conclusion.

  • Property is sold 100% AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults.
  • Property is sold subject to any / all code violations.
  • Property is sold subject to court approval.
  • Information contained in any advertisement is thought to be true, but cannot be guaranteed.
  • No contingencies will be accepted.
  • Cash sale only, no financing contingencies.
  • No inspection contingencies.
  • 10% Buyer’s Premium is added to the highest acceptable bid to determine the final purchase price.

Posted Bids
BidderBid AmountDate MadeWinner
Ta*********1$156,750.0019-Apr-2023 19:41:38 
en********h$156,650.0019-Apr-2023 19:41:37 
Ta*********1$156,450.0019-Apr-2023 18:58:53 
en********h$156,350.0019-Apr-2023 18:58:51 
Ta*********1$156,200.0019-Apr-2023 15:00:34 
Gr**********3$156,100.0019-Apr-2023 15:00:33 
Ta*********1$155,900.0019-Apr-2023 11:54:38 
Gr**********3$155,800.0019-Apr-2023 11:54:37 
Gr**********3$150,100.0019-Apr-2023 11:08:28 
Ta*********1$150,000.0019-Apr-2023 11:08:27 
Ta*********1$140,500.0019-Apr-2023 08:44:57 
Ri*********p$140,400.0019-Apr-2023 08:44:56 
Ta*********1$130,600.0019-Apr-2023 08:41:54 
Ri*********p$130,500.0019-Apr-2023 08:41:52 
Ta*********1$120,200.0019-Apr-2023 08:39:44 
Ri*********p$120,100.0019-Apr-2023 08:39:43 
Ta*********1$110,100.0019-Apr-2023 08:28:04 
Ri*********p$110,000.0019-Apr-2023 08:28:03 
Ta*********1$100,100.0019-Apr-2023 08:21:23 
Ri*********p$100,000.0019-Apr-2023 08:21:22 
Ta*********1$90,100.0019-Apr-2023 08:19:52 
Ri*********p$90,000.0019-Apr-2023 08:19:51 
Ta*********1$80,100.0019-Apr-2023 08:19:16 
Ri*********p$80,000.0019-Apr-2023 08:19:14 
Ta*********1$64,100.0019-Apr-2023 00:24:01 
Gr**********3$64,000.0019-Apr-2023 00:23:59 
Gr**********3$63,565.0018-Apr-2023 18:17:14 
je***********7$63,465.0018-Apr-2023 18:17:12 
je***********7$15,100.0018-Apr-2023 18:09:33 
Gr**********3$15,000.0018-Apr-2023 18:09:31 
je***********7$12,100.0018-Apr-2023 18:08:32 
Gr**********3$12,000.0018-Apr-2023 18:08:31 
je***********7$11,600.0018-Apr-2023 18:07:40 
Gr**********3$11,500.0018-Apr-2023 18:07:39 
je***********7$11,100.0010-Apr-2023 12:34:00 
Ma*******y$11,000.0010-Apr-2023 12:33:58 
je***********7$10,100.0004-Apr-2023 17:05:51 
Ma*******y$10,000.0004-Apr-2023 17:05:50 
je***********7$5,100.0004-Apr-2023 17:04:15 
Ma*******y$5,000.0004-Apr-2023 17:04:14 
je***********7$2,100.0004-Apr-2023 17:03:32 
Ma*******y$2,000.0004-Apr-2023 17:03:31 
je***********7$1,000.0027-Mar-2023 14:50:34 
Map Location

In order to bid on this property you must pre-authorize a deposit of $ on your credit card. NO hold will be placed on your credit card and your credit card will NOT be charged, UNLESS you are the high bidder and do not pay the required deposit within 24 hours of the advertised auction end. A $200 administrative fee will be added to any deposit that is charged to a credit card.