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935 Lilley Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206

Auction closed for price: $75,000.00
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Reserve :
Reserve price met.
Location :
Posted On :
30th of January 2019 at 10:21 AM ET
Ending On :
7th of February 2019 at 4:33 PM ET
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Property Specifications
Year Built 1931
Annual Taxes OF RECORD
Lot Size .124
Parcel ID 010-080642-00
Defendant N/A
File No. N/A
Case No. 18 CVE-11-9185
Appraisal Amount N/A
City Columbus
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 1

Online Sale by Court Appointed Receiver.  According to public record this single family home features 4 bedrooms, 1 bath and a full basement.  It’s located within close proximity to highways, parks and schools.  Sold 100% AS-IS with all faults. Receiver may, in its sole discretion, accept or reject any bid or offer for any reason, at any time, without notice.  No reps and no warranties. Bidding ends 02/07/19 @4PM. 10% Buyer Premium is added to the high bid. Information provided is not verified or guaranteed.

**Tenant Occupied. Tenants are being uncooperative and the eviction process has been started. The eviction will not be complete until after the auction end. You may walk the property any time. NOTE: Do not go to the back yard as tenant has a very large dog.

It is up to bidder to verify any/all code violations prior to bidding.

Licensed Ohio real estate agents seeking a commission MUST register client through the link in the upper right hand corner of this page and meet the associated requirements, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Information contained in ANY advertisement for this property is not guaranteed or warranted and should not be relied upon. BY BIDDING ON THIS PROPERTY THE BIDDER REPRESENTS IT HAS INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED ALL INFORMATION AND MADE THE DECISION TO BID BASED UPON THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION.  High acceptable bidder must wire transfer $5,000 deposit within 24 hours of auction end.

The high bidder will be required to execute the attached receiver’s contract, which is subject to change by the receiver.

  • Property is sold 100% AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults.
  • Property is sold subject to all code violations.
  • Property is sold subject to court approval.
  • High bid will be presented to Receiver for approval.
  • Receiver reserves the right to accept or reject any bid or offer, at any time prior to or subsequent to auction end, for any reason.
  • Information contained in any advertisement is not guaranteed or warranted.
  • No contingencies will be accepted, except the Receiver’s ability to convey insurable title.
  • Property will be sold free and clear of all liens.
  • Property taxes will be pro-rated to the day of closing.
  • Cash sale only, absolutely no financing contingencies.
  • Absolutely no inspection contingencies.
  • 10% Buyer’s Premium is added to the high acceptable bid to determine the final sale price.
  • Deposit of $5,000.00 must be wired to Receiver’s title company within 24 hours of auction end.

Posted Bids
BidderBid AmountDate MadeWinner
lx*****8$75,000.0007-Feb-2019 16:28:47Yes
lx*****8$74,900.0007-Feb-2019 16:25:38 
lx*****8$74,800.0007-Feb-2019 16:22:48 
am*******5$74,700.0007-Feb-2019 16:22:48 
lx*****8$74,300.0007-Feb-2019 16:22:35 
lx*****8$74,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:20:51 
am*******5$74,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:20:51 
lx*****8$73,700.0007-Feb-2019 16:20:39 
am*******5$73,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:20:39 
lx*****8$73,400.0007-Feb-2019 16:20:29 
lx*****8$73,300.0007-Feb-2019 16:19:51 
am*******5$73,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:19:50 
lx*****8$73,000.0007-Feb-2019 16:19:26 
am*******5$72,900.0007-Feb-2019 16:19:25 
lx*****8$72,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:18:23 
am*******5$72,500.0007-Feb-2019 16:17:35 
lx*****8$72,400.0007-Feb-2019 16:17:35 
lx*****8$72,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:17:02 
am*******5$72,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:17:02 
am*******5$71,900.0007-Feb-2019 16:15:09 
lx*****8$71,800.0007-Feb-2019 16:15:08 
lx*****8$71,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:14:53 
am*******5$71,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:14:53 
lx*****8$70,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:14:39 
am*******5$70,500.0007-Feb-2019 16:14:39 
lx*****8$70,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:13:34 
am*******5$70,000.0007-Feb-2019 16:13:34 
am*******5$69,800.0007-Feb-2019 16:13:07 
lx*****8$69,700.0007-Feb-2019 16:13:06 
lx*****8$69,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:12:00 
am*******5$69,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:11:59 
am*******5$68,700.0007-Feb-2019 16:11:26 
lx*****8$68,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:11:26 
lx*****8$68,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:42 
am*******5$68,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:41 
lx*****8$67,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:31 
am*******5$67,500.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:31 
lx*****8$67,300.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:29 
lx*****8$67,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:20 
am*******5$67,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:19 
lx*****8$66,900.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:07 
am*******5$66,800.0007-Feb-2019 16:10:07 
lx*****8$66,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:08:58 
am*******5$66,500.0007-Feb-2019 16:06:35 
lx*****8$66,400.0007-Feb-2019 16:06:35 
lx*****8$66,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:06:19 
am*******5$66,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:06:19 
lx*****8$65,600.0007-Feb-2019 16:05:31 
am*******5$65,500.0007-Feb-2019 16:05:30 
am*******5$65,400.0007-Feb-2019 16:03:47 
lx*****8$65,300.0007-Feb-2019 16:03:47 
lx*****8$65,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:03:10 
am*******5$65,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:03:09 
am*******5$64,300.0007-Feb-2019 16:01:18 
lx*****8$64,200.0007-Feb-2019 16:00:57 
am*******5$64,100.0007-Feb-2019 16:00:57 
lx*****8$63,900.0007-Feb-2019 16:00:42 
am*******5$63,800.0007-Feb-2019 16:00:42 
lx*****8$63,600.0007-Feb-2019 15:59:59 
am*******5$63,500.0007-Feb-2019 15:59:59 
am*******5$63,200.0007-Feb-2019 15:57:42 
lx*****8$63,100.0007-Feb-2019 15:57:03 
am*******5$63,000.0007-Feb-2019 15:57:03 
am*******5$62,100.0007-Feb-2019 15:56:23 
lx*****8$62,000.0007-Feb-2019 15:56:22 
lx*****8$61,100.0007-Feb-2019 15:55:58 
am*******5$61,000.0007-Feb-2019 15:55:58 
lx*****8$60,400.0007-Feb-2019 15:46:43 
am*******5$60,300.0007-Feb-2019 15:46:42 
lx*****8$60,100.0007-Feb-2019 15:21:57 
Pa**l$60,000.0007-Feb-2019 15:21:57 
Pa**l$59,100.0007-Feb-2019 14:02:07 
RP****7$59,000.0007-Feb-2019 14:02:07 
RP****7$58,100.0007-Feb-2019 13:48:55 
Pa**l$58,000.0007-Feb-2019 13:48:55 
Pa**l$57,100.0007-Feb-2019 13:47:39 
RP****7$57,000.0007-Feb-2019 13:47:39 
Pa**l$55,000.0007-Feb-2019 13:46:37 
RP****7$54,900.0007-Feb-2019 13:46:37 
Pa**l$52,900.0007-Feb-2019 10:22:34 
lx*****8$52,800.0005-Feb-2019 16:57:08 
wi*******t$52,750.0005-Feb-2019 16:57:08 
lx*****8$52,600.0031-Jan-2019 22:48:39 
lx*****8$52,500.0031-Jan-2019 21:57:38 
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In order to bid on this property you must pre-authorize a deposit of $ on your credit card. NO hold will be placed on your credit card and your credit card will NOT be charged, UNLESS you are the high bidder and do not pay the required deposit within 24 hours of the advertised auction end. A $200 administrative fee will be added to any deposit that is charged to a credit card.