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970 Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Auction closed for price: $260,200.00
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Reserve price met.
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Posted On :
4th of May 2018 at 3:38 PM ET
Ending On :
23rd of May 2018 at 4:00 PM ET
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Property Specifications
Year Built 1901
Annual Taxes $9,096.58
Lot Size 0.275
Parcel ID 110-0001-0043-00
Defendant n/a
File No. n/a
Case No. n/a
Appraisal Amount n/a
City Cincinnati
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 3+1

***UPDATE!  05.22.2018 – A new lease application has been accepted for 8 Xavier University students with parent co-signers for this property.  The lease will be for the 2018-2019 school year and the new tenants will take occupancy August 1, 2018.  The students are beginning their junior year this fall and we anticipate them signing a two year lease at $4,700 / month.***

Court Appointed Receiver Ordered Online Auction! Huge Xavier student rental house. Kitchen, bathrooms, mechanics all updated. Student occupied at $4,600/month. 3 kitchens, 2 car garage and off street parking. Sold 100% AS-IS, no representations or warranties​ of any kind, expressed or implied​. Auction will end May 23, 2018 @4PM. The buyer MUST use Safe Title to close. There will be a $10,000 non-refundable deposit required to be wired to Safe Title by 2:00PM the day after auction end.​ High bidder must execute Receiver’s Purchase and Sale Agreement.​ ​Bidders may inspect at any of the three open houses and bidders may obtain financing on the purchase, HOWEVER, NO FINANCING OR INSPECTION CONTINGENCIES WILL BE PERMITTED. If the high bidder does not close for any reason, other than Receiver not being able to convey insurable title, the high bidder will lose their deposit and may face contempt of court charges. DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU PLAN TO CLOSE. The winning bidder will ​be required to ​close on the property​ within 31 days of court approval.​ ​ (​Expect 6-8 weeks from auction end until required closing date​.)​ There will be no private showings for this auction, only the scheduled and advertised open houses.​ Receiver reserves the right to accept any offer, in its sole discretion, prior to auction end and without notice.

Open Houses:
May 10, 2018 2-3PM
May 1​7​, 2018 3-4PM
​May 22, 2018 11AM-12PM

Posted Bids
BidderBid AmountDate MadeWinner
Yo*****n$260,200.0023-May-2018 15:55:30Yes
zi*****u$260,100.0023-May-2018 15:55:29 
Yo*****n$254,100.0023-May-2018 15:54:29 
zi*****u$254,000.0023-May-2018 15:54:29 
Yo*****n$252,000.0023-May-2018 15:53:46 
zi*****u$251,900.0023-May-2018 15:53:46 
Yo*****n$245,100.0023-May-2018 15:52:32 
zi*****u$245,000.0023-May-2018 15:52:32 
Yo*****n$235,100.0023-May-2018 15:43:40 
zi*****u$235,000.0023-May-2018 15:43:40 
Yo*****n$230,450.0023-May-2018 15:12:25 
bp****1$230,350.0023-May-2018 15:12:25 
Yo*****n$230,200.0023-May-2018 15:01:59 
zi*****u$230,100.0023-May-2018 15:01:58 
Yo*****n$225,100.0023-May-2018 14:44:24 
bp****1$225,000.0023-May-2018 14:44:23 
Yo*****n$190,100.0023-May-2018 14:40:40 
bp****1$190,000.0023-May-2018 14:40:40 
Yo*****n$185,100.0023-May-2018 14:40:13 
bp****1$185,000.0023-May-2018 14:40:13 
Yo*****n$178,100.0023-May-2018 14:39:56 
bp****1$178,000.0023-May-2018 14:39:56 
Yo*****n$175,100.0023-May-2018 14:35:06 
bp****1$175,000.0023-May-2018 14:35:06 
Yo*****n$172,600.0023-May-2018 14:34:07 
bp****1$172,500.0023-May-2018 14:34:07 
Yo*****n$172,325.0023-May-2018 14:32:59 
bp****1$172,225.0023-May-2018 14:32:58 
Yo*****n$172,100.0023-May-2018 14:22:40 
sa**********i$172,000.0023-May-2018 14:22:39 
Yo*****n$171,100.0023-May-2018 14:19:57 
sa**********i$171,000.0023-May-2018 14:19:56 
Yo*****n$170,300.0023-May-2018 13:35:26 
Yo*****n$170,200.0023-May-2018 12:31:11 
Yo*****n$170,100.0023-May-2018 12:04:48 
to*****i$170,000.0023-May-2018 12:04:48 
Yo*****n$160,300.0023-May-2018 11:40:07 
to*****i$160,200.0023-May-2018 11:40:06 
Yo*****n$150,200.0023-May-2018 10:55:44 
Yo*****n$150,100.0023-May-2018 10:13:36 
to*****i$150,000.0023-May-2018 10:13:35 
Yo*****n$141,100.0023-May-2018 09:47:23 
to*****i$141,000.0023-May-2018 09:47:23 
Yo*****n$140,100.0023-May-2018 08:24:19 
pr***************s$140,000.0023-May-2018 08:24:19 
pr***************s$136,100.0022-May-2018 22:47:29 
Yo*****n$136,000.0022-May-2018 22:47:28 
pr***************s$135,100.0022-May-2018 22:43:46 
Yo*****n$135,000.0022-May-2018 22:43:46 
pr***************s$130,100.0022-May-2018 12:17:58 
ki*********2$130,000.0022-May-2018 12:17:58 
ki*********2$125,000.0015-May-2018 10:28:28 
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In order to bid on this property you must pre-authorize a deposit of $ on your credit card. NO hold will be placed on your credit card and your credit card will NOT be charged, UNLESS you are the high bidder and do not pay the required deposit within 24 hours of the advertised auction end. A $200 administrative fee will be added to any deposit that is charged to a credit card.